Oxford Restoration LLC
(owned and operated by Brian Stair)
is a fine antique restoration and conservation company of the
highest quality and integrity. Central to our mission is the idea of
maintaining existing objects and structures so that they can
continuously function in the way that they were originally
intended. We are composed of highly skilled and experienced
people whose aim is to conserve and restore antique furniture
and architectural spaces to the highest possible standards. To
achieve this it is important that we carry out our restoration
using many of the same traditional techniques and materials
that are specific to the period and origin of the object.

Established in 2002
by Brian Stair, Oxford Restoration was
formed after the disintegration of the Sotheby’s Restoration
Department of which he formally headed. Going back four
generations, Mr. Stair’s family has been prominent in the
antique and restoration trade. The immersion in antique
furniture from an early age has given Brian exceptional
expertise in identification of antiques and fine decorative arts
and therefore makes Oxford Restoration one of the premier
resources for restoration and conservation.

From antique furniture to finished mill work, paneled rooms to
elevator cabs, Oxford Restoration thrives on the premise that we
help make works of art appear to the observer as they were
originally intended to by the artist. Restoration and conservation
is one of the oldest recycling businesses in the world and here
at Oxford Restoration we are proud of our time- tested,
environmentally friendly methods and our superior product.
PHONE (212) 860-0410   FAX (212) 860-0140
LOCATION 315 East 91 Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10128